19 years in London tomorrow

Just found out that I moved to London 19 years ago tomorrow. Considering the whole idea what to get in and out by 1998, it seems something must have carried me away a little bit. So what’s been going on? Much.

Quick as I can, let me see what happened.  I started off living on a friend’s floor in Colliers Wood whilst working in a recording studio in Fulham (Maison Rouge, now buried beneath a shopping area). Hours: 80 + per week. Pay: £50. Result: skint, burned out chain smoker. It all got a little better when I moved to Jive Records in Willesden to work and into a flat in New Cross to live. Good times. Pay £9K per annum. Rent: £350 per month…

Since then I have worked as a copy editor, press officer, sales assistant, session musician, administrator, music tutor, office manager, box office assistant and music rights administrator.

I’ve had jobs in Fulham, Willesden, Soho, Chelsea, Shadwell, Limehouse, Brixton, Kentish Town, Streatham, Hammersmith, Wandsworth, Kilburn, Putney, Kings Cross.

I’ve lived in New Cross, Stockwell, Wandsworth, Esher.

Written 38 songs, 119 poems, 44 gigs, 5 bands.

Composed soundtracks to 6 films.

Worked with stop the war coalition for 2 years (interviewed for documentary We Are Many).

Began Transition Town Wandsworth, Evolver London, Bramford Rd Community Garden, Beetroot Books.com

Obtained a degree in French/ English (2.1) from the Open University.

Classical guitar.

Cycled 8 miles a day (on average) five days a week for the last 6 years.

Lost a fiancé and met my wife.

Friends from all over the world.

Managed to see an awful lot of good times, interesting times, hard times, risky times, beaten down times, hilarious times and inspiring times.

Maybe I could have done more. Certainly more to do.