Philip Carr- Gomm – writer, psychologist and Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

.…The title Order of Bards Ovates & Druids sounds so very old-fashioned, with the word ‘Order’ evoking images of cloistered monks, Bards Shakespearian figures or medieval troubadors, Druids old bearded fellows, and Ovates sounding plainly mysterious, since I imagine most people don’t know what Ovates are. And yet, as you say, what we do and are seems to resonate with many people today. And I reckon this is for at least three reasons…

Michael Goodwin – author of ‘Economix’

...’Back when I started on this project (long before the 2008 crash) a lot of people thought that the people in charge of the economy understood it in the same way doctors understand medicine. Now we’ve learned that the people in charge don’t know what’s going on, which raises the question: what *is* going on..?’

John Michael Greer – writer, blogger, archdruid and historian

…’denial is one of the few growth industries the industrial world has left. The ongoing frenzy in the US media, insisting that the trickle of petroleum coming out of shale deposits marks the beginning of a new age of US energy independence, is a case in point. Still, it bears remembering that ten years ago, predictions that the price of crude oil would rise about US$100 a barrel and stay there, landing most of the world’s industrial nations in permanent economic crisis, were widely disparaged in the media as ridiculous…’

 Andy Hamilton – author of ‘Booze for Free’ 

‘…often I’ll see a recipe and think, “That looks good, I wonder if it will work with x ingredient instead”. Then there are some old recipes that just work and are (as you say) damn tasty, it would always be a shame not to include these. Sometimes if the recipe is old it will need bringing up to date, the addition of yeast nutrient or cold tea can make all the difference. I also work by finding things whilst out foraging and knowing that I enjoy the flavour of them I then try and work out how they would work as a drink…’



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