Peak experience 

‘…what should you do when confronted with news that your assumptions about the future are as baseless as a tabloid headline? Where you thought your life was going, what you’ve been striving for, even what you believe, just a misunderstanding..?’  

February 2014

 The Price of food

‘The price of food seems to increase with every passing year but when you take the chance to grow your own (or gather and forage) you’re soon up close with the reality of how much it really costs. Temperature, moisture, soil type, local conditions, seed quality and an endless, and ever changing, array of hit and miss variables that can make the whole thing as unpredictable as a teenage girl. If you had to depend on your efforts rather than enjoy the privilege of getting everything you could want from the supermarket, the fine line we walk would rise up so sharply it would cut you….’

October 2013

Recovered from an excavated building foundation (c. 2011) 2093

‘Dear friend,

I guess you’ll be thinking; what the hell were they thinking..?’

June 2013

Less talk more do

An article detailing my pick of environmentally minded projects…read more

First published in The Good Times, Jan 2012

Independent media you dummies

The premise of this article is rather obvious: peoples’ opinions and perceptions are shaped subtly or otherwise by the messages all around them. However, as demonstrated very clearly in recent developments in the UK, this can be dangerous when these messages emanate from an ever concentrated and spurious source – especially one entangled with, and influential over supposedly democratic institutions. Yesterday the UK’s oldest paper was closed, after much public outrage, after it emerged that its journalists had illegally hacked in to the phones of victims of crime, relatives of killed soldiers in Afghanistan and some 4000 others. There were also allegations of bribery of the Metropolitan police, and prior knowledge by politicians in power…read more

First published on Reality July 2011

Anger is an Energy

A ‘visioning’ exercise I participated in, during a two day Transition Town training a couple of years ago, finally woke me up to the fact that I, (and we) are being robbed daily a fundamental birthright – self determination. In no way ‘other’ the vision I received simply presented a scene in the street in which I live in South West London, England. In it the street was filled with people sitting on the walls talking, others were tending cropping plants on the pavement verges, children playing with each other in the road whilst a clean air blew and a warm sun shone. There were no cars lining the kerbs and no passenger jets passing over head — the overall impression was of a friendly neighbourhood living in peace and acceptance; a hippy wet dream?

When I awoke, I felt rage….read more

First published on Reality August 2010

Who You Going to Call?: People and Possibilities in the Coming Collapse

Whilst, like you, I’ve read many a tale of imminent ecological collapse, impending disaster, and fervent fear mongering within the pages of some of our more dubious dailies, I could never say I’d been “shaken to the core” in terms of impact to my everyday life. Obviously I’d had a certain appreciation for the gravitas of the climate and resource situation — just enough to become involved in the UK transition town movement, founding Transition Town Wandsworth in SW London, and even persuading our local council to give us “waste” land to turn around into community gardens. And of course, I’ve seen all those documentaries, from Chris Martenson’s excellent Crash Course, through to the ultra bleak End ofSuburbia, and onto the more hopeful Power of Community, yet the ingrained inertia of routine remained….read more

First published on Reality Dec 2009

Cracked heads on Threadneedle Street

Chelsea seemed quiet as I come of the Albert Bridge on my usual cycle to work on Wednesday April 1st. A little strange I thought, and somewhat unlikely to be connected to what was set to unfold in the east of the city in the square mile of corporation headquarters, insurance brokers and of course, banks. Maybe though, the rich folks (many of whom live here and undoubtedly draw their living from the City) were cautious; deciding to park their Range Rovers and Porsches elsewhere than the crowded network of backstreets on a day such as today. Maybe they wanted to stay right out of it? Maybe I should have too… more


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