Letter to KMO of the C-Realm podcast

Here’s the letter I sent following the UK’s vote to leave the EU. The letter was read in full on the C-Realm podcast ‘Parsing Brexit‘.


I thought, as you both have had plenty to say with regards the US election and gun control, you might be interested to hear a perspective on a monumental shift in our own country – outside the frame of the media. We’ve left the European Union with only 52% for – a bit too close for comfort as the country is divided now along many lines of race, class, age and status.

Within our print and screen media the usual binaries apply – ‘it was a victory for the working classes who told the political classes to shove it‘ vs ‘those who voted out are stupid, uninformed  and selfish’.

Tensions are running high as the camp that pushed for our exit has now been exposed as having no plan to cope with such a move – ad they have admitted that their campaign promises were in fact a lie – they can’t be delivered at all. This leaves us with one half of the country wishing we could recant the decision and the other half inflamed because they likely won’t get what they voted for. In short no one is going to be happy with the outcome.

As for myself, I voted to stay. Voting to leave wasn’t an act against the political class when just last year we voted in a Conservative government by a large majority that has more culpability for the neo –liberal policies the country has fallen beneath. Nor was voting to leave going to bring back the good ole days of empire as many believe. I live in a rich bubble in West Sussex with a well to do and ageing population with lots of money. They were en masse voting to get back to the good old days.

My own parents voted to leave – we’re from a working class background in Birmingham; I worked full time and paid for my own degree through the Open University. What I am trying to say is that as many rich, privileged and educated people voted to leave as the so called underdogs in our society. There can be no one group culpable except…..

The red top media and papers like the Sun (Murdoch) and Daily Mail. They have stirred and turned neighbours against each other in the name of sales – they have harvested the grains of antipathy in our country and made sure they grew strong stalks of dissatisfaction and blame.

Anyway, younger people are heartbroken at being isolated, bigotry is bolstered and an exit plan does not exist. Turmoil. Scotland, Northern Ireland and even London talk of going it alone so they can remain in the EU. Civil wars have occurred for less.

1000 years of war on this continent seems to have been forgotten by half the country. Peace can only ever come from Union.

This is what I see. As I said elsewhere, the EU was far, far from perfect but isolation in today’s world is worse. We shall see.

Hope you’re well – and thanks again for all your great work with I follow weekly – and religiously..