Element. Plunge

If you take quick flicks at indigenous tradition, with their woody tricks and perceptible self-assurance, you might gather their preference for making use of a ready power. The elements. They are the first pieces of the puzzle called life you were given. Not hard to see why then everyone is drawn to them in some way or another. Weekend family trips draw close to the river where the white water rafter gasps too, the stream for the angler, the crashing sea, full of sails, lends release with Water. Couples embrace in the whirl winds of attractive cliff top walks whilst below mariner and escapee alike ride the waves whipped by precious Air. In the evening what better than find the warm hypnosis of Fire, its duality of safety and danger; all of our comforts drawing from and again secreted back to the Earth. It’s true that many only wish to just taste and see what your psyched high flyer, initiate or bard will want to actively journey through and absorb, but everyone benefits from, and indeed craves these raw forces. We’re it. It’s us.

Speaking for myself, I can say I welcome there perforation from every direction. Most of the time you wonder why you bother putting up with the boiled and bland marketing perfection of the industrial world. The elements scratch simple statements and sentiment you don’t need any language to decode. You get access by virtue of arriving here. You may have forgotten what these elements all means, in which case you might be tempted to abuse what you’ve been given, but if you wipe your eyes and choose another lens you’ll see clearly again. You know I’m right.

If not I suggest you quickly take yourself to the top of the hill and breathe. As I readily advocate impulsiveness in these matter, why not go something you don’t normally do with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. It will make a massive difference to how you feel – and not only in the moment. You might detect a new value.

Me? I recently threw myself into the Lyn River in Exmoor. Summer days are the open door to walk through. Though the water was cold and bubbly it tore through the cloudy head I get from cities. Negative ions galore in those waterfalls. I realised these things carry on without me – they don’t need your agreement but you surely, and sorely, need them in your life.

.Dan in the Lyn June 14